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Our preferred vendors have been carefully selected to be a part of our team because of their stellar service and commitment to our brides, family and to her guests.

 As a preferred vendor at The Belvedere, our vendors work collectively as a team to help make this day one of the most important days of her life.

If you're a wedding professional and would like to be a consideration for our "Preferred Vendors" list, here are a few "house rules"


Please help our bride to make her day the best ever. Her stress will mirror yours. If you're not comfortable with "wedding photography", consider a second shooter to keep the process moving along on time without confusion.

Please don't encourage her to break her contract by moving the venue's furniture and decor outside or hanging attire on the chandeliers. These are just a couple of examples. Our decor and furniture are also an investment for you to enjoy for future weddings backdrops, props and photo ops.


Please make sure you put something under hot pans of food to prevent scorching the brides table linens.

It also protects the tables for our future brides.

Please have the proper business license, health permits and liability insurance to protect yourself and to protect her guests from getting a foodborne illness. 

Please don't dump your grease and food products down the drain or on the ground. Our wedding party and her guests long dresses could drag through it and ruin their attire. Our professional caterers bring 5 gallon buckets to dispose of unwanted grease and food product.

We don't allow onsite cooking. Roaster ovens and crockpots will trip the breakers and the building will lose power. 

Please park towards the back of the parking lot to leave room for guests which include elderly who need to park closer to the door. We have a "load in-load out" door on the north side of the building which you can use but, please move your car when finished. 


There's a "load in-load out" door to come through with heavy equipment. It's located on the north side of the building. Please remember to move your vehicle.  Other professionals need to use this area to move things in and out also. We provide a small sound system for background and ambient music to use while you're setting up if you'd like. Our system in no way replaces DJ quality equipment so please don't try to hook your equipment up to our small system.

For security reasons, the venue does not have free wifi. 

Please have the proper business license, and liability insurance to protect yourself as well as her guests who attend the wedding. Our liability insurance will not cover your business and your negligence. 

Here's a few more

  • Promise to never forget that for her friends and family, her wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. As a result, they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, care and kindness on her very special day

  • Promise no matter how many weddings you've booked, to never treat her like she's "just another wedding". There is nothing more magical as when two people come together as one.

  • Promise to always be upfront honest and transparent as to what she can expect through the entire process.

  • Promise to do your absolute best to communicate with her in a prompt, professional manner. She deserves your attention, your promptness, and your honesty and she should always receive that.

  • Promise to always be there as a resource for her. Your number one goal for every wedding is to help her through the process. 

We are excited for the opportunity to work with you. 

Let's make her wedding day everything she's been dreaming of! 

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