The Carriage House

Some call it a chapel, others call it a barn. We say use the space for whatever you'd like!

You'll love the sliding doors for your ceremony to create an exciting grand entrance.

These are the details that drops him to his knees when he sees you for the first time!

Here is what our couples have to say about the Carriage House!

Hey everyone. My name is Fiona and my picture is featured here on this page!! Here is what I love about the carriage house. I love that it's outside but, it provides nice shade for my guests during the ceremony. There was a nice cross breeze which made it extra nice.

Megan married April 2020 and this is what I loved about the carriage house. I loved the whitewashed walls which makes decorating so easy. I loved the fancy draping beautifully hung from the ceiling and I really loved the sliding barn doors for my grand entrance.

Taylor and here is what I loved about the carriage house. I was married here a few weeks ago and I love the twinkle chandeliers and string lights. I also love the sheering hung from the ceiling and I love the accent wall behind my arbor. There was plenty of seating for everyone and I really didn't need to do much as far as decorating ecause it's already so pretty anyway. My wedding was gorgeous.

Photography credits:

Billy Wade Photography

Amanda Highbarger Photography

Andy Grotheer Photography (The Grotheers)