1.How many guests does the venue hold?
Inside, the venue is limited to about 200 for a reception 

2. How much is the deposit?

Our "Save The Date" fee is 300.00 and we even offer a payment plan for the balance on most of our packages.

3. What type of tables do you have (shape, size)?
Currently, we offer 15 60” round tables and 2 8' rectangle tables at no additional charge along with various vintage and antique tables for cake, guest sign in and beverage stations.

4.How long do we have at the venue? 
Everyone is welcome from 10:00am til 11:00pm. Additional time is available.

5. How many restrooms are there?
1 men and 1 womens. The men have 2 stalls and the ladies have 2 stalls and one of the dressing suites also has another huge restroom.

6. If an outdoor venue: Is there a backup plan for rain?
In case of rain, we offer a gorgeous pavilion as a backup plan.

7. Is the venue child friendly? What facilities are available for entertaining children?
Yes, although we do not offer any child care during the events. Most couples provide entertainment or a sitter during the event.

8. Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band? Are there any restrictions?
We welcome DJ’s and live bands and provide dedicated outlets for their equipment.

9.Do you have a sound system with speakers, or will that need to be rented? 
We offer a small sound system but, you are welcome to outsource equipment for music.

10.Do you have microphones for speeches?
We do not offer microphones but, our equipment has an outlet for a mic.

11. Can I hook an iPod or laptop up to your sound system?
Absolutely! Customize your event by providing your music favorites.

12. Is there a required/preferred vendor list to stick to? Can we use other vendors?
We are very flexible here at Belvedere. You are welcome to bring in the caterers of your choice or self cater and serve family favorites. 

13. Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware provided, or will we have to rent them or get them through our caterer?
We offer tables and chairs. Table linens are available to rent through a local company for an amazing discount. Just mention your event is at Belvedere. We don’t provide dishes or serving ware.

14.Is there an option for a dinner the night before or a brunch the day after?
We offer the facility for other events before and after the wedding. It's very common to rent 2 days. One day can be used to decorate and rehearse and the other for your wedding.

15.When can we get access to the space to decorate/set up?
You can start as early as 10:00 am the day of the event. If you need early access, let us know. For a minimal charge, you can start decorating early.

16. Will we need to mow?

NO...Maintenance mows just before the wedding so it's freshly cut! We're not aware of any venue that requires you to do lawn maintenance before your wedding!

17. Are there any suites or private rooms available to get ready?
Yes, Belvedere offers multiple dressing rooms. 

18. Can the wedding party get ready at the venue?
Yes! There’s plenty of room for everyone!​

19. Is there on site parking?

Absolutely! There is gravel parking to the south of the facility as well as all of the grassy areas that can be used for overflow parking.


20. Do you have wifi?
Due to security issues, we do not offer free wifi. So many people have smartphones that are hotspot capable which is an extremely popular idea.

21. How good is your cell phone reception? 
We are in a great area of town and have excellent coverage by all major carriers.

22. Are you easy to find? 
Absolutely! We are located close to town and close to amenities.

23. Do you have places for us to take wedding pictures?

Yes, we provide fantastic photo opportunities. We have numerous photo props as well as landscaping and backgrounds to capture those special moments. 

24. Do you serve alcohol?

We do not serve or sell alcohol but, you can serve alcohol to your guests.

25. Is the ceremony building climate controlled?

No, it's not climate controlled since most people prefer to leave the doors open anyway. The ballroom and other spaces have heat and air conditioning.

26. Are your spaces all on one level?

Yes! All of our spaces are on one level and ADA accessible. Everyone feels included when seated together on one level.

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