Our Story

Hey everyone! Welcome to our story.

We're here to help all of you newly engaged couples plan and host the most amazing, "once in a lifetime event". But, first here's a story about who we are and

why we love what we do!


Our Story

We've been in the wedding industry for many years, owning multiple wedding-related businesses and services. A pattern we saw in newly engaged couples was similar to what Kassandra was going through.

Newly engaged and trying to plan a wedding, Kassandra was also a student and worked while going to college. She had never planned a wedding before and was overwhelmed with where to start. We realized that many couples are so busy with school, and work, that wedding planning was actually a struggle. We decided to think about what we could include in our packages to make planning much easier. When we started implementing these services and resources, our couples were thrilled. Once they toured our venues, they instantly knew that we were what they really needed and were looking for. Wedding planning was an amazing adventure and visiting the venue during open houses, was something they really looked forward to. The more resources and amenities we included, the more they loved it. By the way...Kassandra's wedding has been featured in publications as well as our website and social media and drum roll..she planned it in 4 months while working and going to school. It was easy! 

We can do the same for you! 

With years of experience, we're thrilled to share our expertise and resources to help you make your storybook wedding a story that you will love telling again and again. We love helping our couples create an event to be remembered by friends and family long after the event has passed. It's that look in your eyes when you see your friends and family on the dance floor, all the smiles and the laughter. We know you'll never want to forget this moment. We love seeing you taking it all in.  It's why we do what we do.


We want wedding planning to be a fun once in a lifetime event. We focus on young couples, many are students, or maybe they both work full time jobs. Many young couples are trendy as well as savvy and want the most they can afford for their big event.

So many couples are busy trying to hold down day to day responsibilities, they may not have much time to plan an event of this size and importance much less know where to start.
Our packages are perfect for busy couples who want a storybook wedding. With so much included with our packages, it's like a one stop shop!
Because so many busy couples are struggling with knowing what to do and where to start, we're here to help by including a ton of amenities as well as our experience and knowledge on how to pull off an amazing event so they can create a love story of their own...a story they will love telling again and again.

Schedule a tour today to see how your story unfolds.

Kind Words From Our Couples


Carissa 8-8-20

I'm so glad I booked The Belvedere. I was working full time and trying to plan a wedding. It was crazy looking back but, when I found The Belvedere it was like...it all came together and was one of the most amazing events ever!


Addie 2-20-21

I've never planned a wedding before but, mine turned out amazing. When I go to other weddings now, I feel like I dodged a bullet. My venue was the best decision in the whole wedding planning process!