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Hey there!

Welcome to our website. We're here to help all newly engaged couples plan and host the most amazing, "once in a lifetime event". But, first here's a story about who we are and why we love what we do!

The Belvedere is the sister venue to Greystone Mill Weddings And Gatherings in Neosho, Mo. We've brought in many of the same design elements to the Belvedere that made Greystone Mill so popular. With the experience of hundreds of weddings, we've become a trend setter in the Joplin area. Several people have mentioned that other venues are following us and implementing the same design elements and amenities to their own packages. That's wonderful to hear! The Belvedere and Greystone Mill Weddings And Gatherings are well versed in what today's modern couples are looking for. Along with our own amenity packages, we are proud to work with A Listers in the wedding industry such as photographers, DJ's and caterers, who have proven themselves to be commited to serving our couples to make her day the best day ever!

Our Story

So, how did the idea of opening a second venue happen?

Our first venue, Greystone Mill Weddings And Gatherings was a huge success from the start, booking and selling out every weekend. The couples who were inquiring about tours were so disappointed that we did not have their preferred date available for them but, that didn't stop them from changing their event date and booking a Friday, Sunday, and even weekdays for the opportunity to book at Greystone Mill.  This gave us the idea to open up a second venue with many of the same beloved amenities that were offered at Greystone Mill but, on a slightly larger scale and a different style to accommodate the couple who were looking for something a little different than was currently offered in the Joplin area. It was a perfect match! Before we even finished construction, Belvedere's calendar was flooded with bookings. 

Based on our stellar reputation from our sister venue in Neosho as well as other wedding related services that we provide, we do very little advertising. As you'll notice, we do very little on social media to promote the venues and they still sell out, year after year.

We would love for you to see for yourself. Check out both venues to see which one tugs at your heartstrings. In our tour, we will share some wedding planning tips and hacks from our Idea File that you can bring with you to whichever venue you ultimately end up booking, even if it's another venue in the Joplin area! We want wedding planning to be fun and stress free and for you to remember how amazing your day was.

Is your date available?

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