Approved Table Layouts

When you arrive on the day of your event, you'll find the tables set up in a "Fire Code" approved layout. A Minimum of 5 feet between tables with a main isle down the middle. If your guest will be served at their tables, then you'll need to allow a couple more feet between tables for wait staff.

Here is a table layout that work extremely well for the flow of guests to move about without "bottle necking" at various food and drink station etc. Guest in large attendance flow differently than what you might expect. Your wedding planner can help you make some adjustments if needed but, from our experience..this works the best! Although your package comes with 15 tables, we're showing a diagram for up to 20.

Feel free to "right click" on the image to save to your phone or to email as an attachment to your wedding planner. The image shows a table layout for up to 20 tables. Your package comes with 15 round tables but, if you need more, let us know. You can order from a vendor that we work closely with. He will deliver and pickup for 10.00 each. You're welcome to borrow or rent from any rental company but, our vendor will drop them off and pick them up which is extra helpful at the end of an exhausting evening!


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