Catering Guidelines

Belvedere Ballroom is one of the most flexible venues in the area when it comes to wedding professionals and providing your own services. You’re welcome to hire a caterer or bring your own refreshments. Since most weddings are professionally catered, we’ve provided a small prep space for them to help with the meal. On site cooking is not allowed at the venue due to fire code, insurance and health department reasons plus..it's just not desirable to prepare food for 100-200 people AND try to enjoy your event.

Caterers prepare the food in a commercial (health department approved) kitchen and will deliver the food hot, fresh and on time. If you'd still like to bring your own food and you have plenty of helpers, you'll probably be fine.

Here's a few things to remember

that might be helpful

  • Please don’t dump ice, food products and grease down the drain or outside on the ground. The cleaning company will have to clean it up at the end of the night and will deduct the charge from the cleaning account

  • Ice can be dumped outside in the designated area. Your venue coordinator will help you with these things during one of the open houses.

  • On site cooking is not allowed due to fire code and insurance reasons. Our insurance also doesn't allow open flames of any type. This includes candles or grills etc.

  • At the end of the night, bag the trash and stack the chairs along the west wall of the decor room behind the yellow line. Belvedere Ballroom will supply starter 35 gallon trash bags but, you or your caterer will provide the rest.

  • Assign someone to mop/broom duty. Drinks and food spilled on the floor are the biggest cause of "slip and fall" accidents. Your liability/event insurance will be a blessing in disguise if you need to file a claim. Since this is a privately hosted event, you'll be responsible for claims if a guest decides to file suit. www.wedsafe.com and www.wedsure.com are very popular.

  • Most deductions from cleaning/damage escrows are due to end of evening cleanup,food or alcohol. Leave it like you found it so there are no deductions from your damage escrow. The cleaning company charges for excessive cleanup, food dumped on the ground, chairs not being stacked in decor room. The list is not all inclusive.

  • At the end of the evening, take a picture on your way out showing that the end of evening procedure was done! End of evening procedure is listed on your contract so check it out when you get a chance. Stay up to date with what has to be done so there's no wedding day surprises!

Our open houses are a great way to come and check everything out to make sure you're fully prepared to take on feeding and cleanup for 100-200 people. We will show you where the dumpsters are located etc. If you're looking for someone to setup and cleanup or just the cleanup, let us know. We have someone that many of our brides hire to take care of the cleanup. Essentially you're adding 2 hours to your party time because you won't have to end the party to start the tear down and cleanup process.

See you at the next open house!!


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