Final Walk Through Checklist

Tons of questions to ask the venue before wedding day!

Do you know where the light switches are

Do you know how to use the pin code to unlock the doors

Do you understand what the end of evening procedure requirements are

Do you know what to do with the trash at the end of the night

Do you know what time arrival is

Do you understand that the escrow fee you paid will be used in case of excessive cleanup or damages?

Do you know where the thermostats are located. Do you understand how to operate a thermostat?

Turning it lower does not blow colder air

Do you understand that the venue does not provide professional services such as parking, ushering and officiating.

Do you have a copy of your contract

Is the email address on file correct?

Are you familiar with the venues operating hours.

We will be closed for your event so no one will be in the office. We will send you an after hours emergency number to reach the venue.

Do you know where the fuse box is located? Fire extinguishers?

The door alarm is going off. Do you know what this means?

Is your table layout fire code approved?

Does your table layout allow proper egress?

Do you know what the venues fire code capacity is?

Are you familiar with the venues open flame policy?