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How To Save Money When Booking Your Venue

Every Bride wants to feel as if she is getting a good deal on the products and services she needs for her wedding day. Unfortunately, brides make some classic mistakes. Most first time brides don’t have the experience to shop for the services she needs. Others, who have done this before go over the top with aggressiveness trying to prove knowledge in wedding planning. Most wedding vendors have things they are willing to offer deals on especially if the bride knows where to look. Here are some thoughts on what to do and what not to do when shopping for your venue

Be Flexible On Your Date!

When shopping for a venue, they will ask what date you have in mind. Let them know you're flexible! Venues absolutely love couples who are flexible and are willing to spend a little time helping to find a deal or promotion that works for your budget. SCORE! You literally can save hundreds of dollars if you're flexible. Ask yourself..."What's more important, a date or an amazing venue"!

Day of Week Saturday evening weddings are the most expensive, and Saturday brides will find their venue least likely to work a deal on price. Excluding the Saturdays that fall on a holiday weekend, there are less than 48 prime Saturdays in a year. Willing to get married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving? How about the Saturday before Easter? Perfect if it works for you and your guests. These days have little demand. Your wedding venue will likely leap at the chance to fill these empty days on their calendar.

Lead Time If you reserve your date a year in advance, you're generally not going to find a "deal.” They still have plenty of time to fill the date. if it's not you, someone else will come along. But, if you’re flexible on your date, and wait until 4 months out, there’s a pretty good chance the venue can find a promotion. Two months out? Name your price.

Promotions Most venue post or advertise their upcoming promotions on their website and social media. If you have a venue in mind, follow them on social media and sign up for their newsletters and other alerts. This is a great way to snag a deal on the venue of your choice. Couples cancel their event for one reason or another which means you need to be there to scoop up their awesome date. Like our Facebook page to keep up with what's going on at Belvedere. Facebook.com/belvedereballroom

Services While most venues require you to take down and clean up after the event, there are a few that include this service in the cost of the venue rental. If you are willing to mop and cleanup after your event, ask if it’s something they would consider and would they deduct that from the cost of the package.

Off Season Most venues offer deep discounts from December 1 through February and even later. Willing to get married in December around the holidays? Or how about a spectacular New Year’s Eve wedding? Even Valentine’s Day weddings can be a bargain if you're watching for promotions.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small!

Figure your approximate guest count and book your venue accordingly. Many brides make the classic mistake of booking a venue too large for her event. Venues with hefty price tags offer the most real estate for your event. However, you can easily save a thousand dollars by booking a venue just right for your guest list. If you know you'll need a venue big enough to accommodate 300 guests then a larger venue is perfect otherwise for smaller events...a massive space and empty tables can easily look like you had a poor turnout.

Armed with these tips, you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck when booking your venue

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