Is Covid forcing you to rethink your wedding options?

Check out one of the trendy new micro weddings!

In the wedding industry, they're also known as petite weddings, tiny weddings, intimate gatherings and elopements. My personal favorite is the minimony!

The Belvedere Ballroom, is pleased to announce the offering of smaller more intimate packages,

a stylish approach to elopements, small weddings and vow renewals. Our minimony package has been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years with packages starting at 899.00

Elaborate, full-scale weddings aren’t for everyone.

The corona situation has pushed this popular trend to the forefront!

26 percent of The Belvedere's wedding packages are now intimate weddings. Since the gathering restrictions have been put into place, we've decided to start marketing micro weddings and we are seeing an amazing response. Our brides still want to get married and are not willing to wait an unlimited amount of time to see how the virus pans out. Wedding professionals like DJ's are now offering streaming services so your out of town guests can view LIVE! Caterers are offering creative food options which might other wise be cost prohibitive for a larger event and photographers love the vibe a smaller wedding offers allowing them more time to capture shots that make you look like a rock star! The wedding industry is embracing the new change.

Now, it's all about quality, not quantity.

Minimonies are perfect for a guest list of 50 and under.

If you have 50-150 guests, you can still get creative by inviting half to the ceremony and the other half to the reception. It's ultimately up to you to decide who you'd like to invite. Check out Pinterest to see what others are doing.

It's really exciting to see how creative our brides are becoming. As with previous pandemics, it doesn't look the the corona is going away anytime soon and it certainly doesn't look like minimonies are going away soon either. Weddings are still as popular as ever.

Curious to learn more about micro weddings?

Google, "petite weddings" "micro weddings" and "intimate gatherings".

Google will show you tons of articles about this hot new trend. The information on google will give you some great ideas.

If you're interested in hosting a minimony of your own, send us an email and we will forward a link to our packages and pricing page.



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