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Meet A Few More Of Your Team Players

These pieces are real "heavy hitters" here at Belvedere. We know you can't possibly bring everything to complete your wedding day design. We've included some beautiful larger pieces to really pull your theme together. They're big, beautiful, vintage and super trendy right now.

Meet Gertrude. Gertrude serves double duty as a drink station or welcome table. Furniture and decor can't be brought outside or into other areas but, if you have a heirloom piece of your own...bring it! Anything vintage is super trendy right now and goes with nearly every wedding theme you'll find on Pinterest.

Meet Sophie. Sophie is super cute as a DIY Photo booth. Add a backdrop and call it "done". Sophie gets quite a workout.

Meet Lilly! Here's another double duty beauty. Lilly has been used as a welcome or sign in table, cupcakes, and drinks. The most popular way brides have used lilly is as a sweetheart table. She has rustic and vintage appeal so you wouldn't necessarily have to use a tablecloth. Here, lilly has been styled with just a scarf and a few flowers. Want something more formal? Grab a tablecloth! We know you'll find a way to use Lilly!

This is Pearl! Nearly every bride uses Pearl as the cake table. Pearl is big, beautiful, sturdy and can hold a ton of cake and cupcakes. There's plenty of room for both of you to stand close for the cake cutting. And still plenty more room for plates and forks and simple decor. Check Lilly out at the next open house. You'll usually find her next to the antique doors, under the chandelier.

This is pearl! Pearl is surprisingly used quite a bit here at Belvedere. We've seen her used as a "candy bar", and a pie station. She's great to hold cupcakes or a small memorial for someone you wished could have attended the big event.

If you have your own heirloom, feel free to bring them. The pieces here at Belvedere, are complimentary and subject to change. If one happens to get damaged or broken, we will try to find a replacement so you'll always have something similiar to use for your event. If you're curious about these items, come check them out at the next open house!

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