More Changes Are Coming!

If you haven't been to an open house lately, RSVP to see some of our latest changes and updates. Some are small and subliminal and you may not notice anything at all and others will be a major Wow!

So what's new and what's to come? Here's a few of the latest changes.

We've added an additional security camera to the ballroom which is hooked up to a monitor screen in the salon/dressing room so that while you're getting ready, you can see who has arrived or you can watch the reception space being transformed while your decorators work their magic.

We've added a TV to the lounge which is sometimes used as a grooms den through the day. They can watch their favorite team and enjoy a few beers while the girls do their thing. A second TV will be installed in the lounge so they can watch multiple channels.

As promised, the East wall of the reception room will be remodeled. The wiring for the TV and cameras are ran behind the wall and maintenance will need access to the wiring for antennas, connections, etc. The wall will be replaced with ship lap similiar to what is already there except the ship lap will be ran vertically and will be stained rather than painted.

New chiavari chairs. The chairs have been here for several months but, again if you haven't visited the venue lately, call your wedding planner and come check it out. The new chairs have pads for additional comfort!

The online planner will have new changes coming January 31st. Your client portal will be password protected. Currently, you can access your client portal through a link in your email. For added security we will be adding a password which will be emailed to you in January so be on the lookout!

Would you like to receive updates through our text messaging platform? Signup for the text messaging platform which was implemented a few months ago so you can stay abreast of upcoming open houses, updates to the venue as well as promotions and freebies. The signup form can be found on the online planner.

Our November open house will be the last event as we wrap up the wedding season. Open houses will resume in February with a Spring Wedding Expo featuring the best of the 417 wedding professionals. This is open strictly to Belvedere's 2021-2022 engaged couples and their friends or family so stay tuned for the date and time.

In keeping with current trends as well as needed maintenance and repairs we are continously updating, refreshing, replacing or repairing the venue. Thousands of people visit our facility yearly with an average of 1200 guests a month. Your contract allows the venue to remodel, replace or update as needed but, we like to throw in the fun extras such as more free decor. We will be adding to the decor room in January with new shelves, centerpieces and additional decor.

Since our last open house will be in November, login to the online planner where we will continue to contribute tips to make your wedding planning easier. There will also be a link to view your password protected portal where you can view your invoice and other financials. There's still a lot to come so lets stay in touch!!


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