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What's included?

We're so glad you asked because we love to show off our generous suite of amenities. As a trend setter in the area, we find many couples love to follow us to see what we're doing next. We're always strides ahead offering our couples decor and amenities that are on trend and are what today's couples are looking for. We know you have many choices and choosing a great venue can be stressful. Review just a few of our amenities below to see what sets us apart from everyone else. Remember...the best venues book first so schedule a tour today!

Soaring 18 foot ceilings

Grand ballrooms are on trend! Our 18 foot ceilings create a beautiful light and airy feel. 

8 Whimsical Crystal Chandeliers

There are not just 1-2 chandeliers in our ballroom but, 8! Multiple chandeliers create a whimsical fun atmosphere without looking heavy and dated.

16 foot Farmhouse Tables

Built on site, these handsome tables are truly a hit! Best of tablecloths needed.

10 Round Guest Tables

Need additional tables to maximize your design layout? Sure we can help you with that. Round guest tables can seat an additional 8 people per table.

Designated Buffet Area

Designed for logistics, this designated serving area helps to keep the food line moving so guests can eat and get out on the dance floor without delay!

Bespoke Ceiling Draping

Many venues charge extra for ceiling draping. Ours is included...Free!

Artfully Designed Accent Wall

This beautiful accent wall adds a bit of warmth to the grand ballroom. The collection of vintage mirrors reflects the spectacular DJ's lights for a beautiful photo op.

Gold Chiavari Chairs

Comfortable chairs for guest seating. You won't find folding chairs at our venue. Impress your guests with the best!

Sound System

Create a custom playlist for your event. This sound system is perfect for ambient or light background music. Turn it up while you're decorating or getting ready for the big event.

 Sweetheart Table Backdrop

Tons of twinkle lights as a backdrop for your head table and even sweeter if you'll be using a sweetheart table. Either way..the room looks magical!

Vintage Antique Accent Tables

Perfect as a cake table or used as a welcome/gift table. You'll find additional accent tables in the decor room. Help yourself!

Whiskey Bar

Hey guys, here's something for you! Pair it with your complimentary whisky toast for a fun photo op.  It can also be used as a drink station, cupcake bar and we've even seen it used as the cake table.

Stunning Indoor Photo Ops

Too hot to go outside? Raining? No worries! We've thought of that for you. With our experience of over 1000 events, we understand that weather can be unpredictable. Check out the many indoor photo ops designed with you in mind.

Complimentary Whisky Toast

Guys, you're near and dear to our hearts too. Here's a gift from us to you! A complimentary whisky toast for 10 of your besties. Cheers!

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What Our Clients Say

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My wedding planner, my DJ and my photographer suggested this venue. Everything was crazy fun and so easy. You've got to go and check them out. I had a simple wedding but, there's nothing that I would change!