What Your Wedding Professionals Wish You knew!

As a wedding venue, we network with many wedding professionals including other venues. One evening after finishing an amazing meal from one of our catering friends, the subject came up about a venue who had to "cancel" a client's event. The client had....

It became clear that pet peeves came in many shapes and sizes. We thought it would be a good idea to share some things that wedding professionals wish you knew or would ask.

Here are a few things that wedding vendors mentioned that they wish you knew.

1. While touring a venue, please refrain from making comments about the other venues you've toured. You may not like their policies, amenities, pricing etc. but, that really should be between you and them. We're friends with many venues in the area and we find these types of comments to be a red flag.

Remember, we prescreen our clients as we want your experience to be the best ever. 

2. Respect and follow business hours

Your wedding vendors are employees and just like everyone, they have a life of their own outside the business. Don't ask for their personal phone number. They are entitled to days off to be with their family. Business hours are set for a reason.

3. Don't forget to feed your vendors.

We are there for hours at a time and can not slip out to McDonalds for a quick bite. If you don't plan on feeding your vendors which is an unusual decision, please let us know so we can bring a sandwich.

4. Please take the time to read your contracts.

You're signing a legal agreement. Many contracts have helpful information to make wedding planning go much smoother. When you call to ask the same repetitive questions, it makes us think, you don't have 

5. Be kind and reasonable with us. We are not your whipping post to take your stress out on because your lack of planning has made wedding planning difficult. It's common for us to call one day and say "something has come up" and I won't be able to DJ your wedding.