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Google Reviews, Are They Really Helpful?

Review systems are slowly losing value with potential customers. When searching for products and services, we're finding that a lot of reviews are created by robots or created by overseas companies who "sell" reviews. These types of reviews are quite popular with big online marketplaces of which many can be rather entertaining. For instance, how about the guy who leaves a one star review for an electric toothbrush because it takes electricity to make it work. :(

Yeah, we've all seen those types of reviews. But, planning a wedding and researching for large purchases takes a little more skill when sifting through questionable reviews.

As a DIY wedding venue, there are two types of

reviews we see most frequently.

Reviews fall under these 2 categories.

  • Unverified Reviews: These are not actual clients. This type of review will come from a guest or family member who is not privy to arrangements/requests made between the actual client and the venue. It can also be random reviews from someone not associated with the venue or any of our actual clients but, instead, these are reviews left for random businesses for Google points or badges.

  • Verified Reviews: These are actual clients who booked the venue for their event and with whom the venue will communicate with throughout the wedding planning process. When the client books the venue, they are booking the space for their event. Reviews from actual clients are what potential couples are looking for!

Let’s dive a little deeper.

"Unverified" reviews are from people who were never actually a client of the venue. Sometimes they comb through Google maps and drop reviews for "points" and "badges" to random businesses. The majority of unverified reviews come from guests or perhaps they are a family member of the bride both of whom are never privy to requests and arrangements between the venue and the couple. Unfortunately, guests leave reviews as if the venue were a restaurant which can be confusing and stressful for our couples. It's untraditional for guests to publicly critique the services that were used to host the event for that guest.

On this very important milestone event when couples are excited about showing off their beautiful wedding photographs, social media posts, blog posts, wedding websites and essentially shouting out to the world about their amazing event, there always seems to be that one person who feels the need to "share their experience" which ultimately overshadows our bride's beautiful day and all of her hard work...forever or til death do us part!

Less-than-stellar reviews are beyond embarrassing for the bride. Understandably, her venue, food, decor, and entertainment may not be everyone's style. Graciousness goes a long way in making her day "over the top".

Remember, this is the vendor that she has entrusted her big day to provide a wonderful experience for her guests. Critiquing her choices/selections in venue, food, type of music and entertainment on a public platform is devastating to her. If a guest has a concern, simply send a discreet email to the wedding professional. Most wedding professionals provide a service to the specifications and requests of the actual client for the guest's enjoyment.

If you are a potential client shopping for a venue for your next soiree...

then you'll want to read about experiences from actual clients. Not from someone leaving reviews to collect points and badges or from guests/family who are not privy to arrangements made between the bride and venue or from someone who didn't like the DJ because he wouldn't play the Chicken Dance.

As you're comparing venues and other wedding professionals, you'll soon notice the differences between verified reviews and unverified reviews. Reviews are meant to be helpful. Unfortunately, public platforms can attract varying sorts of behaviors and etiquette. Potential couples are interested in the actual couple's experiences.

To help our potential clients filter reviews, we have edited each review to reflect whether they were an actual client, (Verified) or simply a guest/family member, (Unverified).

We've also included additional reviews from actual clients on our website. This also helps readers filter out unverified reviews.

As wedding professionals, we are devoted to our couples. As your biggest cheerleaders, we're so excited about your event and can't wait to sing out to the world about your amazing event that everyone will be talking about, In a good way!


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