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Free Decorations

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

And if The Belvederes generous amenities, online services, and superb customer service isn't enough...check out our "Bride To Bride" paying it forward program. These sweet brides have donated decor for you to use and in turn, maybe you will leave something for the next bride!

Wedding Table Set

Check out this super cute inspiration photo

What You'll Find!

We have a unique program here at

The Belvedere

Thanks to our brides who have

generously donated to our

Bride To Bride, Paying It Forward Program

We have shelves of decor, signs, centerpieces and vintage furniture you can use for your next event.

Our inventory varies and is always growing and changing with items that you can borrow for free.

These sweet girls have donated items from their wedding that they will no longer use and hope it would help someone like you. In turn, perhaps you will leave something for someone who is decorating for their event.

You'll find different styles of lanterns, centerpieces, signs and vintage furniture, FREE!

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