The Ballroom

Image Credit Andy Neher Photography

Image Credit Taylor Jean Photography

Here is what our couples would like you to know about the ballroom!

Image Credit Taylor Jean Photography

I was married in June and here is what I love about the ballroom.

The tables! They are 16 foot wooden harvest/farm tables and they were a hit. I didn't need to purchase tablecloths, they are that beautiful.

My name is Cheri and I was married here in 2020. Love the venue and love the people. We still keep in touch whenever possible. I think you're going to love all of the space. When shopping for a venue, I really paid attention to the size of the reception halls and noticed that many were just too small. You're going to love the extra room.

Sara and Jamie here and we were married a few months ago. I think you are going to love the value and amenities. It's the most generous of all the venues when you know what to look for. I love how they add surprises along the way which made us feel really special.

Hey everyone. My name is Carissa and I never miss a chance to tell everyone about the venue. Two of my bridesmaids are now getting married there and I can't wait to help them plan their wedding at the venue. Here is what I love about the ballroom. I love the chandeliers and lighting. I swear I nearly cried on wedding night when they dimmed the chandeliers. It looked so magical and I hope you do the same. You will see what I'm talking about. You'll love it!

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