The Whiskey Room

We haven't forgotten about the guys.

They're near and dear to our hearts also!

Here is what our couples have to say about the Grooms suite!

Terra and Christian married on February 14th and here is what we love about the grooms suite. The furniture is more manly looking so fiance's pictures looked amazing. He loved the "Whiskey Toast"!

Hi I'm Sammy and here is what I love about the groom's suite. The chairs are beautiful and oversized along with a nice table for them to relax if they want. I like how there room was around the corner from the salon so we had privacy. The room is nice for groomsmen's photos.

My name is Sierra and this is what I really liked about the groom's suite. They had some great photo opportunities unlike some of the venues that I previously toured, some didn't even have a place for the guys to get ready which is odd. This place was great for the guys.