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  • When should I arrive for the ceremony?
    Most guests start arriving about 30 minutes before the ceremony to insure they get there on time. Most couples ask guests who are late to wait outside until after the ceremony ends. This is for videography and photography reasons and of course you don't want to interrupt this special moment for the couple. Go ahead and arrive a little early. You'll probably see someone you know who you can have a great time with before the ceremony starts.
  • We'd like to leave you a great review. How?
    Unlike a restaurant where you might leave a review for a service, a wedding, where the host has put a tremendous amount of work into providing a wonderful experience for you should be met with a courteous "Thank you for inviting us. Everything was beautiful" regardless of your opinion of the food, decor or any of her carefully selected wedding professionals. Attending the wedding, eating the food and then holding up a scorecard on a public platform is devastating to our couples. The venue simply provides the space and nothing more so go ahead and let your hosts know what an amazing time you had.
  • Are children allowed?
    Because children can become easily bored at these types of events, many weddings are adults only, Adult only weddings are becoming a trend so check with your host to see what her requests are. This is her day and you'll want to help her make it the best day ever.
  • Are you out in the country?
    Yes, we are two minutes from Carthage. We are very convenient to hotels, shopping, restaurants and other amenities.
  • Is there heat and air at the venue?
    Yes, the ballroom has heat and air conditioning. All of the outside areas are weather permitting. The venue does not recommend holding a ceremony in less than ideal weather. However, If your host decides to hold her ceremony in one of the outside areas in extreme temperatures or other less than ideal situations, just remember, you'll only be outside for a few minutes and then you'll be back in the ballroom in no time! Remember, the day is all about the two of them.
  • How about parking?
    We are a very informal event center with gravel parking. Your hostess has the option to hire a parking attendant if she wishes. Otherwise, parking stretches to the south at the fence line and to the east as well as to the west. Feel free to park on the grass or gravel pads. Occassionally, on arrival that morning, the family skews the parking order, blocking the door and other pedestrian walkways. They may forget to move their vehicles as it gets closer to ceremony time and in this case create parking confusion.
  • Are there hotels close by?
    Yes, we are two minutes from hotels and restaurants. Click on our "Guest Resources" page for a list of nearby hotels. Also, check with your host as she may have booked a block of rooms which could offer a discount to her guests.
  • Does the venue have WIFI?
    For liability reasons, the venue does not offer wifi. This is becoming increasingly popular with venues.
  • I have dietary restrictions. Can I ask for a special meal?
    As a DIY venue, we only provide the facility. Your lovely host is making all of the arrangements for the meal, decor and entertainment. Let her know your concerns so that she can make special arrangements for your meal.
  • I have questions and need to speak to someone at the venue.
    As a DIY venue, your host will be your contact person. We are not included in the wedding planning process, we simply rent the space.
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