The Gaming Lawn

After the ceremony, everyone loves to head for the gaming lawn. While you're out having a few pictures taken, they can get the party started with some lawn games and refreshments. Your photographer will love capturing shots of friends and family on the gaming lawn. It's a great way to start winding everyone up for the long night ahead!

cornhole rules.jpg

Here is what our couples have to say about the Gaming lawn!

We had cornhole, yard dice and tic tac toe for lawn games. My wedding was in May so the weather was gorgeous and perfect. After the ceremony, the photographer wanted the wedding party to get some pictures so it worked out perfect that guests could play lawn games before we all headed in for dinner.

I was married in early spring so we set up a cocktail hour while we were taking pictures. Plus it gave the photographer an opportunity to get pictures of the guests hanging out together enjoying drinks before supper. My name is Amelia and you will love the gaming lawn. 

Sammy and my husbands name is Justin. We were married a few months ago and we used the gaming lawn for games and drinks the night before the wedding. It was fun getting friends and family together for the wedding rehearsal and then we had drinks and games to get to know one another since most of his family traveled from out of state. Such good memories.