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Wedding Table Set

A Storybook Wedding

Begins with YES and continues with I DO!

Searching for venues near Joplin?

Get Ready To

Rock Your Wedding! 

Need a hand creating a jaw-dropping experience that your guests will rave about?

Can you say BEST PARTY EVER!

We're all about creating fun and good times.

Never planned a wedding?

We totally get it.

In our experience owning multiple venues and other wedding-related businesses, we've helped over 1100 happy couples host their stunning Pinterest vision.  

We're all set to do the same for you!

Our venue comes packed with amenities, making it a breeze to host an experience your guests will be downright thrilled to be a part of.

Let's schedule a tour.

 We're all about making your dreams come true and have a treasure trove of amenities to prove it. From free decor to decorative props, vintage furniture, and more, we've got your back so that you can bring your

Pinterest-worthy ideas to life.

What are you waiting for...

Remember, the best venues book first.

What Couples
(just like you)
Are Saying!

"Well, I knew when I stepped into the venue for the tour that this was going to be where I got married and I did!  I was so proud on wedding day for everyone to see it. Everything was perfect."

Sabrina, married 7-1-2023

What Couples
(just like you)
Are Saying!

"The wedding was perfect! Everyone had a great time! Thank you so much!"

Kim (mother of the bride) 9-29-23

What Couples
(just like you)
Are Saying!

"Our wedding was a DREAM! We genuinely said we would not change a single thing about it! Thank you so much! Would love to share photos with you!"

Megan married 5-20-2023

Storybook Weddings

A few of our featured galleries.

Check out Julie, Taylor and Madison's weddings.

Your wedding could be next!

There are so many

wedding chapels near Joplin MO

It can be overwhelming choosing the perfect backdrop for your special event.

We're here to help. You might say we're a little obsessed with special events and our history shows it. We've helped over 1100 happy couples host amazing events. We're all set to do the same for you.

The success of your event is extremely important to us and of course we will be here to guide you in all the right directions.

Get ready to rock your wedding! 


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