Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Your invitation has a clue as to the formality of the event. Most attire is business casual or cocktail attire. Rarely ever is is shorts and flip flops and can look a little unusual when the bride is wearing a formal ball gown. Weddings are special once in a lifetime events and is a great time to dress up and have some fun!

Are children allowed?

Because children can become easily bored at these types of events, many weddings are adults only, Adult only weddings are becoming a trend so check with your host to see what her requests are. This is her day and you'll want to help her make it the best day ever.

Is there heat and air at the venue?

The ballroom has heat and air conditioning, the outdoor areas are weather permitting. There is no heat and air conditioning in the outdoor areas. If your host decides to hold her ceremony in one of the outdoor areas in extreme temperatures, just remember, you'll only be outside for a few minutes and then you'll be back in the ballroom in no time!

Can I smoke inside the building?

Thank you so much for the courtesy to ask. Smoking as well as any other types of open flames such as candles, onsite cooking, fireworks, sparklers, grills and bbq trailers are not allowed. These situations pose a health and fire risk. If you see this happening, please call the venue and let us know!

When should I arrive for the ceremony?

Most guests start arriving about 30 minutes before the ceremony to insure they get there in time. Your hostess may have hired a videographer who is capturing the entire event. You wouldn't want to arrive late, try to find a seat and create confusion while being on videotape. Go ahead and arrive a little early. You probably see someone you know who you can catch up with and have a great time before the ceremony starts.

I went to a wedding once and I didn't like where I was sitting. Can I move?

Ask your host if you may move. The tables are setup in a fire code approved layout when the host arrived that morning. She may have moved them differently and may not be set in a layout that is comfortable for the guests to move about. Remember, this is her day and we all want her to be happy!

Are you out in the country or are you in town close to ammenities?

Yes, we are two minutes from town and tucked into a quiet little countryside setting. We are very convenient to town and ammenities.

Is there valet parking?

We are a very informal event center. Your hostess has the option to hire a parking attendant if she wishes. Otherwise, we have plenty of parking which stretches to the south at the fenceline and to the east as well as to the west. Feel free to park on the grass or gravel pads.

We'd like to leave you a great review. How?

Thank you, that's very kind of you however, we just rent the space. Everything else was at the hands of your beautiful host. From the table placements to the dinner choices, music, decor and wedding professionals, she did an outstanding job of pulling off this amazing event with perfection.