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How big of a venue do i need?

You've already landed the fiancé. Now it's time to nail down the venue.

Use this handy calculator to figure out how big of a reception space you'll need for the number of guests you're inviting. The problem with many online calculators is that they may not factor in the dance space or the welcome table, cards/gifts tables, memorial tables, selfie walls, donut/champagne walls, drink stations, food serving areas, the cake cutting table or even the square footage needed for the DJ and wedding games. Many times the couple books a space too small for their needs and ultimately end up of with guests who are crowded or uncomfortable. Perhaps they will decide to end the evening early. Unfortunately, many venues are too small for today's couples. Their total square footage is under 5000 square feet including dressing rooms and restrooms! Choose a venue which is built to handle all of the trends that modern couples demand.


Start by entering in the number of guests you'll be expecting and we will do the rest!

We will calculate the extra space you'll need for selfie walls, food and drink stations, games, dancing and all of the other necessities.

Ready? Let's do this!

Approximate Number Of Guests

You may end up being able to get by with a  smaller venue but, if ever in doubt...always go bigger! Guests need plenty of room for

  • Drink stations (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

  • Multiple food stations

  • Dessert bars

  • Kids table

  • Welcome/sign in table

  • Memorial tables (lets honor the one who could be with you on this big day)

  • Card and gift table

  • Selfie walls...not one but, sometimes 2!

  • Interactive photo booth

  • DJ

  • Games

  • Dancing

  • Doughnut walls

  • Champagne walls

  • The cake table

  • Family photos

and so much more!​

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